Latest Revit Toolbar Update Released by Victaulic

A latest toolbar update for Revit 2017 has been launched by Victualic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe jointing systems. According to revit users the update takes the production efficiency level to greater heights.

Victaulic Tools for Revit 2017 was developed with a view to modernize workflows throughout the industry design and fabrication method influencing their product effectiveness within the fabrication process and knowledge of lean fabrication standards.

Victaulic Tools for Revit 2017 lines up with the objective of Revit 2017 to improve utility within the fabrication industry. Users have right to use industry-leading content developed by power users having the understanding and utilization of best piping practice.

It is said by Ralph Schoch, Revit Technology Manager at Victaulic and an industry-recognized Revit expert that "This update offers users to form construction documentation within Revit for the first time ever using fabrication parts”. He also added that "Our active, smart, up-to-date content, coupled with enhanced fabrication workflows will allow users to model and fabricate more efficiently than ever before."

The toolbar contains an insightful, comprehensible interface that facilitates training and usage for both beginner and proficient Revit users. The additional tools of this updated Revit toolbar allows user to build their projects in all views and available more than 100 built-in Victaulic product families and a template designed to route with Victaulic, other companies and joining technologies too.

There is some variety of productivity tools that is included in Victaulic Tools for Revit's 2017 update. They are as follows:

  • Fabrication spools creation
  • Tagging automation
  • Creating fully incorporated collections
  • Using a new intellectual hanger placement tool
  • Resizing, rotating and deleting pipe sections
  • Eliminate user error and use best design proficiency
  • Reducing cost during the procedure


For more information about Victaulic Tools for Revit 2017, to purchase the add-in or to download a 30-day free trial, visit the following link.


Latest Revit Toolbar Update released by Victaulic

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