Revit AVA: Assessing Amounts To VOB

BIM Revit Architecture system users can now judge amounts VOB justice and use directly to the procurement of construction services. The possibilities rely on the AVA system AVANTI the SOFTTECH GmbH. About the newly produced, bidirectional link between Revit and AVANTI amounts VOB compliant are identified and can be at any time trace in the Revit model. This close interaction vows a high degree of security and transparency for the estimators and inviting tenders as well.

With the help of direct quantity takeover many planning work can be executed instantly and clearly. For instance, the rooms are assigned in AVANTI cost elements or qualities drag-and-drop. The software originates directly from travel books and cost overviews in accordance with DIN 276 or by trade. Changes in the model processed the secure update mechanism directly by AVANTI.

In accordance with the planning progress and the fluctuating degrees of detail of the BIM model can therefore be altered at any time from the building model in the tender. In the tender positions turn quantity calculations can be trailed to the Revit model. The individual stages of the project can be stored and compare a button together later on. So, the system documents the same all developments in the planning process.

Data exchange in the subsequent levels of the project is ensured with AVANTI by certified GAEB interface. German software manufacturer SOFTTECH, developed this new plug-in, performing with SPIRIT and AVANTI for more than 30 years on the market. The company's proficiency positions in the juncture of design and cost estimate that has now been put into action in the new Revit plug-in.


Autodesk Revit AVA

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