LIVE: An Interactive Architectural Visualization Tool For Revit Launched By Autodesk

A new cloud-based visualization service has been released by Autodesk and it has been named Autodesk LIVE. It converts a building information model (BIM) into an interactive, rendered, 3D environment in no time and the transformed model can be navigated in real-time. LIVE permits designers, collaborators and users to pass through digital models as they pick and it forms these mesmerizing experiences without taking too much time that is why Amar Hanspal, Autodesk Senior Vice President, portrays LIVE as “dynamic visualization”.

For smaller models the transformation procedure takes five to six minutes, including the processing time expanding for bigger and more complicated files. Materials, terrain, landscapes, figures, and furniture can be integrated to include context and scale. There are numerous rendering styles that are offered by LIVE. Time of day and year can be chosen for the simulation lighting conditions, and custom navigation points can be set to draw attention to exact spaces or paths. After all these options are ready, the model can be brought out for viewing on a free Autodesk LIVE Viewer app which is available for Windows desktops or Apple iOS mobile devices.

Stingray is a 3-D gaming engine and real-time rendering software developed by Autodesk. LIVE produce interactive surroundings from Revit BIM data on the basis of this 3-D gaming engine. For instance, doors are unlocked without human intervention as the camera roams from room to room.

Autodesk has been proceeding in a direction which is made of a combination of data-rich models and interactive visualizations over the last few years. After LIVE’s release, this trend is also carrying on along with Stringray, Revit (3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for building design and construction) and 3DS Max, one of Autodesk’s modeling and animation programs, to build a suite of congenial programs for modeling and visualization.

Disadvantages of LIVE:
Stereoscopic or virtual reality (VR) viewers, like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift, are not presently supported in LIVE. As an alternative, Autodesk is demanding that LIVE’s viewpoint gaming atmosphere will turning out to be attractive to users. Nevertheless, VR capabilities for LIVE development may possibly be initiated soon, says Joel Pennington, Autodesk principal designer.

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