Reasons Why Concrete Recycling Is Necessary

Each year around million tons of construction and demolition waste is gathered throughout the globe. After the end of their serviceable life as a building, pavement or other construction work the remaining materials can be recycled by diminishing the material amount which is land filled.

Requirement of Concrete Recycling:

Owing to the following reasons recycling is required:

  • Wreckage of old structure,
  • Annihilation of buildings and structures due to earthquakes and wars
  • Elimination of ineffectual concrete from structures, buildings, road pavements and so on.

Benefits of Concrete Recycling:

  • Local Product – Local Sources
  • Lessens Truck Traffic
  • Substitute to a Non-Renewable Resource
  • Cost Savings
  • No Disposal Fees
  • Better Trucking Utilization (Reduced Costs)

During the usage of recycled concrete as aggregate in new concrete the following should be kept in mind:

  • Recycled concrete as aggregate is having more high absorption and lower specific gravity than regular concrete and will generate concrete containing higher drying shrinkage and creep.
  • In accordance with many transportation departments, usage of 100% coarse recycled concrete, but to some extent, about 10% to 20% recycled fines, works smoothly and the remaining percentage is natural sand.
  • In case of usage in reinforced concrete, chloride content of recycled aggregates is a matter of real concern. This is basically a major problem if the recycled concrete belongs to the pavements in northern climates where road salt is included in the water.

The alkali content and type of aggregate in the system is most likely anonymous, and for that reason if mixed with inappropriate components, a hazard of alkali-silica reaction is possible

Reasons Why Concrete Recycling is necessary

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