One of the most vital aspects of civil engineering is perfect calculation. Determining instant and accurate calculation really is a strenuous task to perform.

McGraw-Hill Education book publisher has brought out a beneficial book for civil engineering design and calculations which will ease the task. Tyler G. Hicks PE is the author of this book and of over 20 books in engineering and related fields.

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Inside this book you will find different kinds of civil engineering calculations in an easy to understand format. There are numerous solved problems to illustrate calculation procedure. This book is definitely useful for those who are new to civil engineering.

Apart from civil engineering this book also covers a chapter regarding Route Surveying which is important for land surveyors. The people who are associated with architecture, construction and engineering sectors can easily be benefitted from this handbook.

This book is also helpful for the PE exam. There were many sample calculations in this book that related directly to the PE exam questions. So it is highly recommend textbook for PE exam appearing students too.

This authoritative reference contains over 500 key calculations with exact steps that can be solved in no time. It also offers a reliable way to save time for both handling routine and non routine calculations in the design, construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of all types of structures. New component consists of updated calculation procedures for structural steel, reinforced concrete, water supply, wastewater treatment, bridges, highways, and more.

Inside This Handbook You Will Also Find:

  • Structural Steel Engineering and Design
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Engineering and Design
  • Timber Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Surveying, Route Design, and Highway Bridges
  • Fluid Mechanic, Pumps, Piping, and Hydro Power
  • Water Supply

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