4 Advantages of Truss Bridges


Building bridges reflects the forward thinking of human being. It not only helps to bridge a gap but also offers a new avenue to mankind. By combing their progressive mind and their wish to do something great, the engineers had constructed different types of bridges. Truss bridges are one among them. Common truss bridges are known for their interconnecting triangular structures. In the age of technology, where everything has got a makeover, the bridges are also no exception.

As several options are available to choose from, a question might strike in your mind, why to choose a truss bridge. There are several reasons, have a look at the following points to resolve your doubt.

common truss bridges

Extremely strong:

The structure of the bridge shows that the loads bearing capacity of the truss bridge is very strong. By spreading out the load evenly, the structure effectively manages both tension as well as compression. It means that not a single part of the structure carries a huge weight.

Uses the material effectively :

Though there are several parts of a truss bridge, the use of materials is very effective. Elements like iron, wood, steel as well as iron are all used to their highest potential and each of the pieces plays an important role in it. The buildings of a bridge can be a useful option, while compared to others types of bridges.

Can withstand extreme conditions:

Where other types of bridges are not a viable option, truss bridges come into their own. They are capable to span great lengths, and are used in precarious locations. It is mainly used in mountain areas to carry the railways.

The structure matters:

Unlike other bridges, these bridges are able to carry its roadway on its structure. The load can be carried easily above, on a button truss as well as along the middle position. And all these options make the bridge the truss bridge both economical and versatile.

If there is enough space then truss bridges will be the most effective option for you. Are you thinking how to design the bridges? Share your thoughts to the engineers and let their imagination run free.

And to ensure the fact that the bridge is built properly, they use only the quality materials. Furthermore, the professionals sometimes customize the designs if the bridges based on the requirements.

Development and progression is the motto of the age. And the truss bridges play a crucial role to achieve it. Whether you want to build bridges over steep ravines, vast lakes or anything in between, truss bridges will be the most suitable option for you.