Cloud Storage Can Help BIM To Keep Construction Projects Organized

Cloud storage is one of the basic necessities in today’s world of technology. Assuming that an architect or construction specialist is working on a construction site for several months to accomplish a construction project in stipulated time, the work is going smoothly and everything is going fine.

Meanwhile, someone in the construction worksite unable to find an email with essential information about the wiring necessities for the building, as a result someone has to search the inbox of the mailbox throughout the day until it is find out.

This is an ordinary problem in the industry of architecture, engineering and construction that can be solved by the help of project information management (PIM) software.

Handling Project Information
BIM (Building Information Modeling) users are generally familiar with middle word, information. BIM projects consist of huge quantities of this information and it is tricky to keep everything categorized.

Newforma’s Project Center has recently released software which is a combination of on-premise and Amazon Web Services cloud storage systems to get all projects’ significant information into one accessible place.

How Does It Work?

Key functionalities of the software:

  • Drag-and-drop system from standard email clients is a key feature of this software which enables users to manage emails, even with the access of Microsoft Outlook.
  • The program’s indexing function allows users to search projects.
  • Without any printing; documents can be modified, marked up and recorded within the software.
  • Files can be checked by Bentley ProjectWise, FileNet and Microsoft SharePoint thoroughly by the use of electronic document management system (EDMS) incorporation.

Information is a main feature of BIM. Besides, having imperative information available to the proper team members at the suitable times not only confirms a successful construction segment of a project, but it also lets you to successfully deal with the whole life-cycle of your building.

For more information on keeping AEC projects well organized, please visit the Newforma Project Center website.


Cloud Storage Can Help BIM To Keep Construction Projects Organized


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