Top 10 Android Apps For Civil Engineers - 2016

If you are involved with engineering industry then you must face vital challenges and demands. Now, engineering projects can be effectively managed with smartphone so thanks to the advanced mobile technology. Innovative mobile apps ranging from simple calculations to architectural renderings are created by the developers by taking benefit of Android smartphone technology.

Here is an useful list of civil engineering android apps and links for download that will proved to be fruitful for all civil engineers out there. You can download these free and handy apps from Google play-store directly.

1.Civil Engineering Dictionary
App Rating : 4.4/5
This app consists of more than 10000 words that are well explained with images. The definitions in this app are technical, detailed and explained according to Civil Engineering field and are in simple english for easy understanding.

2.Gate Civil Question Bank
App Rating : 4.5/5
This application contains detailed explanation for the answers from 1997 & 2016 question papers for Civil Engineering GATE Question and keys to solve the question's answer.

3. Civil Engineering Magazine
App Rating : 4/5
This app is powered by GTxcel, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications and mobile magazine apps and also the mobile version of the award-winning Civil Engineering Magazine from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

4. Civil Calculator
App Rating : 3.9/5
This app can be used as a simple Civil Calculator tool which is a collection of Civil Engineering calculations for Civil Engineers and Students to calculate different types of civil related units.

5. Civil Terms
App Rating : 3.9/5
This app mainly focuses on the terms that is used in Civil Engineering. You can browse and share all the terms whenever you want.

6. Civil Engineer Jobs
App Rating : 3.9/5
This app is very hepful for the job seekers related to the civil engineering industry. You can explore the educational, certification requirements, salary structure of the desired job you are looking for. You can also submit your business card and resume for hiring employers.

7. AutoCAD Tutorial
App Rating : 3.9/5
This app is mainly designed to provide the tutorial of the world's best 2D software Autocad to its users and mostly for the beginners who are continuously eager to learn the usage of this software.

8.Civil Engineering Application
App Rating : 4/5
To get updates on the most recent trends and technology about civil engineering you need to install this app on your android device.

9.Civil Engineering Reviewer
App Rating : 4/5
Civil Engineer Reviewer app, is composed of more than 350 questions is perfect for portability and free to download. Get in touch with this app to get further updates.
Note : Data connection is required to run this app.

10. BeamDesign
App Rating : 4.2/5
The app is most important for all kinds of engineers such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers and also for architects, students who intended to design beams. There are so many features available inside this app. Some of them are :

  • Snap points
  • Undo function
  • Annotations
  • Formulas
  • Multi copy
  • Scale entire structure
  • Trim/extend
  • Automatic dimension lines (Autocad look)
Top 10 Android Apps For Civil Engineers - 2016