Design of Steel Structures – Designing App

In the engineering industry, design of steel structures is an important topic for civil engineers and also for civil engineering students. The app delivers the subjects categorized into various subtopics for faster learning and quick revisions.

This app is a free handbook, which covers all the topics of Designing of Steel Structures. It covers more than 160 topics and topics are divided in 5 units.

Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for easy understanding. Some of topics Covered in this application are:

  1. Degrees of Freedom and Indeterminacy
  2. Statically Indeterminate Structures -Direct Stiffness Method
  3. Member Stiffness Matrix
  4. Coordinates Transformation
  5. Displacement Transformation
  6. Assembly of Structure Stiffness Matrix
  7. Calculation of Member Forces
  8. Treatment of Internal Loads
  9. Treatment of Pins
  10. Temperature Effects
  11. Temperature Gradient
  12. Elastic and Plastic Behavior of Steel
  13. Moment - Curvature Relationship in an Elastic - Plastic Range
  14. Elastic - Plastic Behavior
  15. Fully Plastic Section
  16. Plastic Hinge
  17. Comparison of Linear Elastic and Plastic Designs
  18. Limit States Design
  19. Overview of Design Codes for Plastic Design
  20. General Elastoplastic Analysis of Structures

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Design of Steel Structures – Designing App